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Introduction to the Women Organisation of Iranian Kurdistan

The Women's organisation of Iranian Kurdistan has organised its activities in the form of the various committees, such as: social, political, artistic, communications, financial and advertisement.

Kurdish women have had a notable and worthy presence in all aspects of political and civil activities, both at home and abroad. Further, they are a major player in the struggle for the national rights within the national Kurdish movement. In another word, the Kurdish woman is part and parcel of the national movement, who suffers oppression, and by the same token, live as a woman in a patriarchal society under the rule of a religious state and is discriminated against in her private and social life on a daily basis. Taking this into consideration and in order to advance the goals of the Kurdish women movement, and further to help raising the awareness and offer moral support, and in cases financial support, to the Iranian Kurdish women, who have been forced to leave Iran and reside in Iraqi Kurdistan within a deplorable situation, due to social, economical and political problems, we, a group of experienced and fighting-spirited women of Iranian Kurdistan, who are residing in Iraqi Kurdistan in exile, have formed and established the Women's organisation of Iranian Kurdistan in 2010. This is a truly multi-partisan organisation and embraces all Kurdish Iranian women in all its activities.

The Women's organisation of Iranian Kurdistan has organised its activities in the form of the various committees, such as: social, political, artistic, communications, financial and advertisement.

Supporting the refugees in the refugee camps since the war between Iran and Iraq (in the 1980’s) is part of the humanitarian activities of the Women's organisation of Iranian Kurdistan. One should also mention the on-going visits to the displaced Iranian Kurds in refugee camps all over Iraq. We have always strived to alleviate the problems of livelihood of these women, as much as our material and humane abilities permit us, and we have strived to elevate their abilities and self-confidence by making them aware of their most basic and fundamental rights.

These women live under oppression for being a woman, a Kurd and displaced in Iraqi Kurdistan and are carrying a 30-year-old-burden of pain, displacement, war, oppression and suppression on their shoulders. Further, the great flood of Iranian Kurdish women from all walks of life including political and civil activists, students, women movement activists, in a word all those women who have been forced to live their normal life due to the threats under the rule of the Islamic Republic, have made it clear and apparent to us the inevitable necessity of forming and establishing such organisation. It must be added that the Women's organisation of Iranian Kurdistan has its representatives in most European countries and is widely active within Iran as well.


Some of the activities of the Women's organisation of Iranian Kurdistan: - Holding on-going seminars regarding all matters related to the women's' issues; - Holding educational sessions and trainings on subjects such as social, health, culture and trainings specific to women; - Holding awareness and social health workshops for village women and displaced refugee camp residents; - Communicating and liaising with the governmental authorities and organisations in Iraqi Kurdistan for the purpose of providing financial and moral support for the refugee women; - The sex workers, who are forced to sell their bodies, due to widespread unemployment who come from Iran to Iraq are helped and supported by the members of the Women's organisation of Iranian Kurdistan in order to find jobs and return to a life with dignity; - Giving refuge to women who have run away from their oppressive husbands in Iran and travel to Iraq, or referring such women to centres for supporting venerable women centres in Iraqi Kurdistan; - Participating in international conferences in order to echo the voice of Kurdish women in Iranian Kurdistan and earning the moral support of the various international centres for the Kurdish women in this part of Kurdistan.

Expectations from international organisations for helping Iranian Kurdish women. We are urging you to give educational, financial and moral support to the Women's organisation of Iranian Kurdistan in various fields, and by doing so and through them, help and support the Kurdish women in Iranian Kurdistan. Help and assist us to participate in international gatherings and become the voice of the voiceless and un-supported women of Kurdistan. When you hold educational sessions in Iraqi Kurdistan on various subjects and vocations, including the awareness-making and education of women, inform us and our members. Do train us and educate us, we can be a good trainer for other women ourselves. Do assist and help us to establish a kindergarten and nursery for child refugees and their mothers, in our refugee camp which is 20km away from the city of Soleymaniyeh. This task requires such budget and expenditure that is not in our grasp. We urgently ask for the allocation of financial aid from human rights organisations and ask for your assistance in this matter.

Our other humanitarian request is to organise an on-going project for the collection of clothes, stationary and daily required equipments in the European countries. We ask you to send these items to the “Women's organisation of Iranian Kurdistan”, for the benefit of women under our protection. Do help and assist us in our voluntary and humanitarian aid duties to the Iranian Kurdish women.

Who are we? The Kurdish women’s movement in Rojhalat of Kurdistan has a long history and along this history, problems about females, their rights and status as human beings and their social power has been a serious issue in Rojhalat of Kurdistan... even though the obvious oppression against women has showed itself more than ever and sexism saturated with religious laws which has constantly drowned women's lives. But most of the liberal phenomenon’s have been stabilized by women's resistance and struggle and the continuous Kurdish women‘s effort in this part of Kurdistan consists of proving their power and defining their rights.

In spite of the weaknesses and diminishing of all the achievements of women's rights, fighters in Rojhalat of Kurdistan organized activities to expand their movements and organizations and has been remarkable in recent years. Because of the given situation, we, as a group of experienced and active Kurdish women of Rojhalat, have decided to remove the discouragement and discomfort of women as much as we can through the mechanism and projects we have adopted.

Especially through organized solidarity and correlation in order to create a better situation. We seek to mobilize our forces in Rojhalat of Kurdistan with the help of knowledge and experience in Rojhalat of Kurdistan in the western territories, as well as women in the south of Kurdistan. So in 2010, we established the ”Rojhalat Women Organisation” which is able to bring together a large section of women in the city, countryside, inside and outside of Kurdistan.

We believe that existence of an organisation for women’s gathering is a crucial demand for the civil and liberal society. Surely these organisations will not let the women forces be wasted.

Rojhalat Women Organization chooses its board of directors by congresses and divides its various responsibilities and works among different committees.

Hereby, we are asking every women and men who are fighting for justice to help us improve our community and we are inviting every woman in Rojhalat to join Rojhalat Women Organization wherever they are and help strengthen the freedom movement of Rojhalat Kurdistan.

good luck to the freedom fighters of Rojhalat of Kurdistan’s women.

Rojhalat Women Organization


The statute of the Rojhalat Women Organization

Rojhalat Women Organization

First Article:

Name: Rojhalat Women Organization 


The name of the organization in English Rojhalat Women Organization 

 b. Abbreviation of organization name R.W.O


 c. Logo (a wheat branch that is made of three colours of Kurdistan flag which shows the nationality and purple colour as the symbol of female sex on a white background) 

d. Place of work and address: Kurdistan regional government – Slemaniah According to the rules and regulations, the representative of the organization will take care of things inside Kurdistan region and abroad.


Second Article:
Rojhalat Women Organization is a non-governmental, independant organization which introduces itself as an advocate of women rights by mixing the experiences of longtime activists in the women rights movement for more than three decades in the eastern Kurdistan and the energy of new generation members

Rojhalat Women Organization is a victory in training and developing the abilities of women. This organization tries to destroy the laws and cultural discriminations against women, and it informs women about various fields based on standard ways. On the other hand, it strives to ensure that the problems of women in eastern Kurdistan are not being neglected. 


Third Article:

Goals of the organization:

1. Protecting the women rights in general and Rojhalat women specifically
2. merging Kurdish women’s voice in Kurdistan and international circles
3. Developing women’s consciousness
4. Solving the struggle and eradication of sexual apatheid in cultural, economical, political and other fields
5. Generally working on fixing problems of Kurdish women in Rojhalat
Fourth Article:

Terms of membership:

1. To believe in the goals and efforts of Rojhalat Women Organization and work on them in order to make them happen.
2. Not less than 18 years old
3. To pay for membership fee
4. In case a person is willing to be a part of the managment group, he or she must  have been a member of the organization for more than three years

b. Member rights:

1. To make a profit out of every work for the organization.
2. To respect personal opinions and wishes.
3. Right to submit comments and suggestions in the organizations
4. Right to quit the organization.

c. Membership responsibilities:

1. To work for improvement of the organization and expand the goals of it.
2. To maintain the prestige of the organization
3. To be ready for tasks and activities of the organization whenever needed.
4. To strive for the public interest and not the personal

d. Losing membership:

to disobey the rules of the organization

e. Punishments:
1. reprehension
2. Losing membership

Fifth Article:
formation of the organization:

the organization is formed by: board of directors
board of directors includes:
- directorate

a. The authorities of board of directors:

1. Selecting board of directors
2. Checking the supervisors of committees and managing them
3. Between two congressess, it is responsible for the goals and finance of the organization

4. Specifing plans and activities.
b. The speaker: responsibilities and rights with its authorities:

1. Speaking on behalf of the the organization and represents the organization in the meetings.
2. Supervising the board of directors and committee official


3. Announcing the members for meetings and preparing annual and periodic reports

4. Signing and verifying the expenses and signing contracts
5. Keeping track of activities
6. Without election, becomes a member of congress

c. board of directors: responsibilities and rights with its authorities:

1. They will be selected in the organization congress.
2. Without election, they become a member of the congress.
3. They are responsible for the activities of their own field, for instance: (information, political and social, artistic, connections, archive,...)
Sixth Article:


1. The highest authority of the organization is held once in three years.
2. The congress has the authority to change the program and statute
3. With 2/3 vote of congress members, organization’s name changes.

 4. Congress is being controled in two different geographical regions (in Kurdistan regional government and European countries).

Note: in case of uncommon conditions, instead of congress, conference will be held.

Seventh Article:

Mechanism and principe of the organization:
1. To take all the democratic and civil means to achieve the goals 2. Choir, seminars, workshops, different activities and general meetings.
3. Adherence to the global rules, declarations and conventions of women rights.
Eighth Article:

profits of organization:

profits of organization consists of:
1. Membership
2. Financial help from musters
3. The help that is given to the organization for projects.


 Ninth Article: Records of the organization: 

 1. Documentation and archiving of members  

 2.Documentation and archiving of  objects 

 3. Documentation and archiving of accountancy 

4. Documentation and archiving of decision 

 5. Documentation and archiving of income and expenditure

6. Documentation and archiving of occupations










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